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This is our sixth release of our Christmas Blend Port 'Noel'.  This special Port was created with the holidays in mind.  Every year our winemaker, Steve, samples through each barrel and hand selects those barrels that exhibits, what he considers, the flavors and aromas of the holidays.  So, each year when you open a new bottle of Noel, it's like Christmas morning opening presents, you don't know until you open it what you're going to get......

Visions of Sugar Plums!  This year's Noel is another wonderful surprise from Steve...Think aromas of honey-dipped figs and tree ripened plums with rich flavors of red velvet cake topped with homemade vanilla bean buttercream frosting....All of this together makes a rich and delicate, slightly floral and all together delicious port!

Pair Noel with your favorite, holiday dessert.....and enjoy!

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Paso Robles AVA
Residual Sugar
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Food Pairing Notes
No food needed.....but if you must, Noel pairs nicely with Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving or that special Rum Cake at Christmas time. Or, just sitting around the fireplace on a cold evening with friends and family after a beautiful holiday celebration.