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Daisy & Bo.....

Daisy & BoThe latest addition to PasoPort, our winery dogs, Daisy & Bo.  Born in January, 2014, they became part of our family in March, 2014 as 7 week old yellow lab puppies.  Always happy to meet new friends. 

DaisyDaisy, on the left, is the leader in this duo, with her over-sized paws, large head and demanding personality, she's always trying to take control.  With a ball, stick, shoe or a tree branch in her mouth, she will always have something unique to show you….

BoThen there’s Bo on the right….Daisy’s little brother, sweet as he can be, easily taken advantage of by Daisy, he’s always ready for a treat or just a pat on his head, greeting you with a piece of shale in his mouth, a ball or just a big kiss and a wagging tail……



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